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Baptisms take place every Saturday at 4 pm at one of the Churches. 

Please contact Ann at the parish office for further information.

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Some information regarding the baptism.


  • Child’s garment will need to be loose around the neck so that the
    child can be anointed on the chest at the appropriate time.


  • Parents, child and sponsors go to the front of the Church and a block of seats
    will be assigned to you.


  • Sponsors carry the white shawl and will wrap it around the child
    during the ceremony.


  • Mother or father to hold the child over the font for Baptism.
    The child should have nothing on the head.


  • Parents and sponsors to respond verbally to the questions put
    to them.


  • All are encouraged to participate in the responses to the prayers.

  • Parents to bring their own baptismal candle for the child.

  • The father will light the child’s candle from the Paschal candle
    or the priest will hand them the light.


  • Gather in the Church 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

  • Names of those baptised will be recorded in the Baptismal register
    of the Parish. 


  • Photos: The taking of photos should be left until after the ceremony so
    as to allow for all to participate in the prayer of the ceremony.


  • Sponsors are to be practicing Catholics, confirmed and at least 16
    years of age.

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